I began assisting my grandfather, who owned a roofing and siding company at the age of 9. I worked alongside of him well into my adulthood. I had learned about the various aspects of building, focusing on the roofing and siding process. Later, I worked for two large and highly respected commercial roofing companies. Starting out as a general laborer, I worked my way into sales and a position as project manager.

I started Preferred Roofing Services as it had always been my vision to operate a company based upon the values that I had learned from my grandfather. he believed in working hard and “doing things right the first time”. These are the qualities that he had passed on to me, and that I wish to pass on and reflect in my work today.

At Preferred Roofing Services we approach every project with the same standard of quality, regardless of the type or size. Each one will be assessed for any and all issues and be treated uniquely to properly address and resolve all problems and damages. We strive to make sure that each and every customer is satisfied with the results of their project.

We use only superior products and approach each project with a high standard of quality and service

Preferred Roofing Services ensures that all of the proper equipment is employed to complete your project safely, without any damage to your property and without injury to out employee’s or homeowner/customer.

Preferred Roofing Services carries full liability insurance and workers compensation for the Roofing Classifications which is vital to the homeowner/customer.

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